Wild Bianca

Wild Bianca is an offer for strong climbers. It is 40 meter climbing in stunning, huge overhang with stalactites. The whole sector stays in the shade all day long and tempts with a beautiful view. Let it speak for itself that only a few  easy routes were boited, but still they close to upper grades of at least 7b. The area with its several open projects is still waiting for strong climbers and experienced equippers.


2 routes from 6b to 6c+

6 routes from 7b to 7c+

3 routes over 8a

Possibility of setting a large number of new routes.

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Access by Car

Park on either P1 or P2 and walk towards the junction with the exit to Apella. From here the approach  is marked with red dots. Climb uphill into a dried gorge, after a few dozen meters a path traverses to the left side of the gorge and after about 10 minutes turns sharply to the left towards the distinct outcrop.

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