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Where to sleep?

Karpathos, similarly to every other Greek tourist island, has a very well-developed accommodation base. In the summer season, in almost every village you will find comfortable studios (typically, double room with a kitchenette) and restaurants. Out of season, the offer is less impressive. Accommodation is easiest to find with the help of popular holiday booking websites.

Up to present, the best climbing opportunities on the island are limited to three larger areas: Adia, Arkasa/Finiki and Yvonne. To get to Yvonne you have to drive, whereas Adia nad Arkasa are located in the vicinity of the small towns of the same name. If I were to give advice for climbers, who come to the island particularly for climbing, I would recommend to stay in the village Arkasa or nearby Adia. You can find here many studios. We recommend three of them. If you mention that you are climbers, you should get a discount:
– Alpha Studios in Arkasa ( – cheap and close to the rocks;
– Popi’s Studios in Arkasa ( – more expensive but great quality and swimming pool;
– Taverna Evdoxia’s in Adia ( – for those who like wilderness. Delicious food and walking distance to the rocks.
The owners are very hospitable and they have helped us many times.

Where to rent a car or motorbike?

Most rentals are located in Pigadia. When ordering a car in advance, you can arrange an airport pick-up.

As with the accommodation, we can recommend a nice local rental company with a discount for climbers. They will deliver the car to the airport at the agreed time: Use “climbingkarpathos” Promo Code for 10% discount. Full insurance included.

They helped us many times when we came to visit new climbing routes. Moreover, one of the climbing sectors in Finiki (‘United’ sector) was named for them.