Difficult climbing routes on Karpathos

There are many possibilities for challenging and hard climbing routes on Karpathos. Here is the summary of the routes, that have already been equipped and climbed.

On the Island there are plenty of caves, overhanging walls, grottoes and interesting rock formations. There is still a lot of space for equippers work. The Island offers a huge number of potential lines, at every level of difficulty. Amazing routes are still waiting for bolts and anchors.


So far, 8 large areas have been explored on the Island. Areas are splitted into sectors. Some are perfect for beginners, in others we will find proposals for climbers looking for difficulties, intermediate and beginners.


The hardest routes are scattered all over the Island. But the biggest amount of them are in the Cave sector, located in Kastello area. Kastello offers rather short, overhanging routes. There are also easy ones in the neighboring sectors. Area is a good place for families with children.


The most difficult lines are:

– Hey Boys 8a – Artur Kraszewski

– Monkey Pranks 8a – M. Łazor

– No Finger Pocket 8a – M. Łazor

– Dream 7c+ – P. Behnke

– Artisans Touch 7c+ – Ł. Szabla

– Hey Girls 7c – A. Kraszewski

Paweł 'Beny’ Behnke on Dream 7c in Cave, Kastello

In other areas and sectores, we will also find difficult routes:


1. Cheimon

  • Joanis 7b+ A. Kraszewski
  • Omega 8a? Open Project – Michał Janus
Climbing in Adia

2. Eiar

  • Fucker 7c – A. Kraszewski

3. Chickens Bay

  • Chickolo 7b+ – Frans & Ariane Ehrnthall


1. Wild Bianka

  • Love Hurts 7c + – A. Kraszewski
  • So many pussybilities 7c – A. Kraszewski
  • Nicolas 8a – Marcin Kraszewski
Wild Bianka



1. Ghostface

  • Nuniks 7c – A. Kraszewski
  • Cyberpunk 7c – M. Polaszczyk
Mateusz 'Dżodżo’ Łazor climbing in Finiki

And two open projects on Ghostface:

  • Queen Elizabeth 8a? – S. Barabaś
  • Project campervan 8a? – Marcin Kraszewski


This is just a short foretaste of difficult climbing on Karpathos. There are still many open projects in the sectors (around 8a). Work is still in progres, impressive rock faces await, many amazing lines are waiting to be opened. Maybe another difficult route is waiting for you?