Easy climbing routes on Karpathos

There are many sectors with easy lines in Karpathos. In addition, many of them are comfortable and safe for families with children. Below are some suggestions with descriptions.


The biggest area, most distant climbing routes are available within 15 minutes of walk. In Adia you can climb in 10 sectors. difficulty levels range from 5a to 7c. But most routes are around 6a-6c.


1.      Phtinoporon-    5c – 6a+ – 4 routes

–    Whe the weels gone 5c+

–    Where is hot water 5c

–    …In the house under construction 6a+

–    Sharp end 6a


2.      Eiar

– 4 – 6a+, 9 routes

15 min walk, eastern facing (shadow in the afternoon), in the rain part of the rock can be dry. In the Central and right part, are more difficult routes.


3.      Chickens bay

– 14 routes from 4a to 6a+, including 10 routes from 4a to 5c

Nice piece of rock by the sea.


4.      Child stone

– 4 routes from 4a to 5c and 3 routes from 6a to 6a+

Adia, Eiar


Unique place, because the climbing area is next to the amazing beach, with clean sea water. Good place for diving.


1.      Bayern Block

– 6 routes from 3 to 5c

Part of sector is southern facing, another part is western.


2.      Boat or goat

– 7 routes from 4c to 5b.

Some routes start from the sea. Climbing above the water is an interesting experience.


Shorter routes, ideal place for families and beginners.


1.      Flo

– 5 routes from 4c to 5c

Eastern facing, family friendly. Most of the routes are from 6a to 6c+. Next to the parking.


2.      Tomaninu

– 9 routes from 3 to 5c

7 minutes walk from Flo.


3.      Sunset

– 5 routes from 3 to 5b. Routes don’t have names, but you can find them in the guide.



Three small sectors. This is the area for beginners. The tourist base nearby is a big advantage, because you can easily take a walk from your place to the rock. The beach is close too.


1.      Octopus

-10 routes from 3 to 5c.

Best option for climbing in Arkasa. Perfect place for climbing with kids and first steps in rock climbing. Western facing, so there is shadow to noon.

You will also find easy routes in Arkasa in Disneyland sector.

Climbing in Arkasa


1.    Ghostface 

– 1 route 5c+

– 5 routes from 6a to 6a+


As you can see, if you want to climb with kids, or you are a beginner, Karpathos is a good place for climbing holiday. From every place is close to the beach, the distances from parking to the rocks are short, parkings are often right next to the walls. Plus, sunny weather, warmth, mild climate and clear waters of the Aegan Sea. All that remains is to plan another holiday on Karpathos.

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3 Responses
  1. Janusz

    If you want climbers to visit Karpathos, your routesettlers should prepare more easy routes. It should be done even at the expense of some intervention into rock structure, as it was previously done in Orpierre in France or in Leonidio in Greece, where additional holds were hammered in some steep walls. Many easy routes are necessary to attract older climbers who seek routes within their physical capabilities .
    And mostly these older climbers can afford expensive travel to Karpathos.

    1. Addi

      Not sure , I agree with chipping the rock.
      It doesn’t feel right.
      I understand to attract more climbers that more easy routes should be bolted but at what cost?
      Surely not chipping…it should be natural and so the challenge is on the route setters 😉
      my opinion

  2. Janusz

    It should be established at least 50 bolted routes within difficulty 4a- 5b and higher than 12 metres to make Karpathos worth visiting for the average old (above 66 years) climber.

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