Phthinoporon, Cheimon, Theros, Eiar, Windy Cave, Granatos, Chickens Bay, Forge of Hepheastus, Child Stone, Proni

It is the most recent and the largest area (regarding the number of the bolted routes). It was discovered in 2017
„and well-equipped by the Polish equipping team. Apart from the seaside sectors of Chickens Bay, Proni and Forge of Hepaestus. all the crags are situated in the beautiful, forest covered valley. Depending on the time of day, you can always find routes in the shade. The approach to the most distant crag does not exceed 15 minutes. Routes range from 5a to 7c. As the rock tends to be fragile, please remember about the helmet and safe belaying. The largest sector, Eiar, offers beautiful, continuous routes on a slightly overhanging wall. It is highly recommended to start climbing from here.
There are several accomodation options in the village of Adia as well as a two restaurants, so that it is a good
destination for climbing trips. The charming, intimate Chickens Bay beach with short and easy climbing routes is also worth visiting.

Access by Car

Drive to the village of Adia. At the only junction in the village turn towards the sea. After 200m, park at the sandy parking place near the water. (P1 GPS: 35° 33’31 „N 27°06’17” E). For the Proni sector, continue on for 600m along the sea, until the end of the road (P2 GPS: 35°33′15′′N 27°06’28” E).

Sectores, Routes
Crag, SectorRoutesfrom 3 to 5c+6a - 6c+7a - 7c+8a and over
Windy Cave312
Granatos* Multipitch L5, 160m32
Chickens Bay151041
Forge of Hepheastus1515
Child Stone9441
Views and Climbs - Adia
Forge of Hephaestus
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