The sound of waves, the blue of the sea, a fresh breeze and a beautiful view. Who wouldn’t want to climb under these circumstances of nature? On Karpathos, you can climb right by the sea in many sectors.


Some places are particularly attractive because there are very pleasant beaches right under the rocks. One such sector is Achata. The crag is located by the one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, with stunningly clear water. It is a great place for climbers who like to combine activity with relaxation.


Apart from climbing, it’s a good place for diving, the transparency of water reaches 40-50 m deep, the underwater life is very rich. The beach retains its natural beauty and is usually not crowded. In the high season, the „Annas Traditional Taverna” tavern is open next to the sector, where you can buy food and drinks.


To get to the sector, you have to take a small path along the cliff, right before enter to the beach. After 5 minutes of walking, there will be visible sectors.

Climbing areas:

  1. Bayern Block (31 routes, 5a-7a)
  2. Backdoor (4 routes, 4b-6a)
  3. Boat or Goat – (7 routes, 4c-5b) the most distant sector, but the most spectacular. Climbing starts here directly above the water surface. The sector can be reached on foot or by boat.